This alternative to coffee offers all the pick-me-up but none of the crash

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Did you know the webcam is a thing because of coffee? Yep, smart guys at Cambridge were the first to put a video camera feed online so they'd know precisely when there was fresh coffee in the university break room.

Think about that for a second. Brainiacs at one of the world's foremost educational institutions created a life-changing technology because they had to have their coffee. Coffee has become a universal morning mental accelerant, giving millions the jumpstart they need to get their day going, which is why a new and improved version of coffee — one that further improves on the elevated brain power of java — is such a big deal.

Suns Up from Plant People is an evolutionary leap for coffee, featuring the brain-activating properties we expect from coffee but with some new additions to make yourself sharper and even more ready to start your day. The mixture includes an expertly calibrated mix of adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs, and minerals, working together to boost your metabolism, increase your energy, and sharpen your focus, all while eliminating cravings. And some of those mushrooms and herbs are kicking in properties that coffee just doesn't have. 

The Lion's Mane mushroom helps improve cognition, while Bacopa Monnieri is an herb used for centuries to support increased brain activity and moderate mood. And unlike coffee's familiar hard jolt of caffeine, Suns Up takes a much calmer, more measured approach. This combination features Rhodiola and other time-tested adaptogens that provide a smooth, non-jittery caffeine boost to wake you up while uplifting your physical and mental stamina.

"I tried this as an alternative to my daily cup of black coffee in the morning, and I have had a great experience," new Suns Up user Nik reported. "The blend is tasty and goes great as a 1:1 alternative to a cup of hot coffee, but the effects are much nicer. I feel a less intense rush than caffeine and a calmness."

If you're also ready to sample life off the coffee rollercoaster, you can head to the Plant People website now and pick up a two-week supply of Suns Up for just $26.99.  New customers can also save 15% with code BOINGBOING15.

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