To help you deal with the loss of Better Call Saul, here's some Bob Odenkirk stand up

Better Call Saul is officially in the books. It feels a little odd that the last remnant of AMC's golden age has finally come to an end. And, no, The Walking Dead doesn't count as AMC's golden age. It's cool and all, but Mad Men and Breaking Bad it ain't. 

For the last 14 years, the Breaking Bad universe either had a project in production or airing, and now there's nothing. To make matters worse — or better, depending on how much you enjoy a show creating an endless cavalcade of spin-offs akin to Law & Order — Vince Gilligan has no plans to return to the series. We just have to appreciate the memories the show left us. 

The main takeaway I garnered from the Breaking Bad universe was how awesome Bob Odenkirk is. If you were a fan of Mr. Show or The Larry Sanders Show prior to Breaking Bad, odds are Odenkirk's comedic brilliance wasn't a secret. On the other hand, his ability to shine as a dramatic lead took everyone by surprise. Since we're stepping away from serious Odenkirk for a while, I thought it'd be cool to look back at some of his early stand-up.