This Italian farm sits 8 meters under the ocean

This Italian farm sits 8 meters under the ocean. It's called Nemo's Garden and was created by the Ocean Reef Group. The underwater farm began in 2013 when the owner's crops were having trouble in the cold weather, above ground. The consistent temperature of the ocean helps to keep the plants in Nemo's Garden healthy and stable. A control tower on the shore collects data about the conditions of each biosphere and connects them to power. 

It seems like a lot of fun to hang out inside one of these underwater gardens (If I could get past my claustrophobia). They look like something straight out of a science fiction movie. The Nemo's Garden website gave an update on August 1st to let us know that "9 biospheres are in action at Nemo's Garden and 600+ crops are growing." Mandarins, cacao plants, and microgreens are included in the large selection of crops currently being grown.