Las Vegas destroys a tiny home community

A gentleman donated a lot and started a foundation to provide tiny homes to folks who needed them in Las Vegas, Nevada. While zoning laws don't exist today for Tiny Home communities, the state of Nevada has declared that municipalities like Las Vegas will create them by 2024. Instead of letting a lot sit vacantly and wait for new zoning laws, the tiny home community was built assuming Las Vegas wouldn't insist it be destroyed.

Las Vegas destroyed the tiny home community.

There is dramatic video here.


A great idea that met a hard reality. The parcel is zoned for a single-family home. According to North Las Vegas code, the minimum size is 1,200 square feet.

The tiny homes wouldn't meet that requirement, but there's a catch.

"There is no zoning for what we're trying to do," says Lankowski.

New Leaf decided to move forward, hoping to ask forgiveness instead of permission with a new state law to pave the way.

Senate Bill 150, passed in 2021, requires large cities and counties to create a new set of building and zoning codes to allow for tiny home communities in certain places. Officials have until 2024 to make that happen.

Lankowski argues the folks living on the streets don't have two years to wait.