LL Cool J redeems Trader Joe's Gourmet Jelly Beans

Discussions over on the BBS about the earlier Trader Joe's cursed licorice "Gourmet Jelly Beans" post, perfectly went every which way one could want, when along comes 5 year lurker, Paddy with this brilliant suggestion:

In our version in Ireland we have Cola, Coffee and Cinnamon all looking the same. You need to pinch the bean between your fingers and do a sniff test, then bin the offensive flavoured ones.

And that's how we get to LL Cool J, who has always had one of my favorite lines of all time:

I'm the pinnacle, that means I reign supreme

And I'm notorious, I'll crush you like a jellybean

I'm bad

For decades this single line stood out like an odd monument to the times that gave birth to LL Cool J's career, but now I see it as a whole different thing, and wish that LL Cool J had sniffed his fingers while leaning back after imitating the jelly bean crush move.