McDonald's is testing a chicken version of the Big Mac

Outside of Coca-Cola, McDonald's might be the most American brand on the planet. Through an aggressive real-estate-focused expansion plan, McDonald's has become one of the world's largest restaurant chains despite its trashy food. One would think the key to being a successful restaurant would require tasty and nutritious food, but in reality, it all comes down to nostalgia and branding. Take the ingredients for the Big Mac, for example. Anyone old enough to remember the sandwiches' iconic commercial can list the ingredients without thought. However, McDonald's is about to alter the Big Mac's classic presentation. 

To capitalize on the item's popularity in the UK, McDonald's aims to bring a chicken version of the Big Mac to the States for testing. The chicken Big Mac has proven to be a smash hit across the pond, and while it may have missed the great chicken sandwich war of 2019, the item might cause a frenzy in the US. 

Beginning later this month, the burger chain is testing the fan favorite at select restaurants in Miami for a limited time. The Chicken Big Mac is similar to its meaty sibling, however it replaces the two burgers with two tempura chicken patties. Of course, it also includes the signature Big Mac sauce, pickles, shredded lettuce and a slice of American cheese. McDonald's briefly sold the limited-time offering earlier this year in the UK. The Chicken Big Mac was so popular that it sold out about 10 days after it made its debut. The chain said that it was its "most popular launch ever" in the UK and Ireland.