Q Lazzarus, singer of Goodbye Horses, dead at 61

Diane Luckey, who as Q Lazzarus sang one of the late 20th century's strangest and most compelling songs, died last month at 61. An elusive figure, she worked as a bus driver for many years before surfacing to answer a journalist who found her in 2018, and reportedly participated in a forthcoming documentary about her life.

For over two decades, Luckey's whereabouts remained a mystery and became frequent fodder for amateur sleuths, journalists, and folks on Reddit threads. In 2018, a person pretending to be Q appeared on Twitter using the handle, @AKAQLazzarus, but Aridjis says this was not Luckey, and that the real Q was "very upset by that incident, where someone went online pretending to be her." In a piece for Dazed the following year, the writer Kelsey Chapstick came close to tracking down Luckey on Staten Island, but there was never any official meeting or confirmation of her whereabouts.