Take a look at how Playstation changed horror video games

The evolution of video games isn't as linear as people like to believe. We typically follow the thought pattern that every video game genre improves in lockstep with each other. The truth is that video game genres often take decades to ripen. For example, some form of fighting games has existed since the early to mid-80s. However, it wasn't until Street Fighter 2 dropped in 1991 that the genre truly blossomed into its modern permutation. First-person shooters went through a similar cycle of growth. Prior to Halo, almost every console shooter was a crappy port of a computer game. Post-Halo, shooters are arguably the number one genre on any console. 

Inasmuch as you can link the evolution of a video game genre to a specific title, you can also tether a genre's growth to a particular console. When it comes to horror games, the genre owes a massive debt to the original Playstation. In the video linked above, YouTuber Landen Hansen explains why the Playstation era of horror games was so incredibly groundbreaking.