At a racist's press conference organized to deny having held a racist party, a racist accidentally admits to their racism

This story is pretty baffling. A woman, Mary Nicosia of Rochester, New York, threw a "parody" Juneteenth party, and from its description, it was super racist. The woman called a press conference to explain how the racist party was not that and then said she was a racist and described a racist Twitter account she maintains.

The "stand there doing the stuff you are saying you are not doing" thing was getting tired. This newly added twist of abruptly saying you are evil, and then just continuing on is an interesting one.

NY Post:

A defiant Nicosia called the press conference Tuesday to address the suit, saying "I'm here to defend myself from false claims of racism."

She then stunned the room with her subsequent comment.

"But before I do that, in full disclosure, I do have a Twitter parody account that operates under a veil of a persona — and I have made blatantly racist comments under that persona," she confessed.

Nicosia's lawyer, Corey Hogan, displayed the invitation for the party at the presser in an effort to absolve his client of racism, saying it was called the "1st annual Liberal Smashin Splish Splash Pool Party."

Hogan insisted it was intended to mock liberals, and was about politics, not race, and claimed the KFC buckets were not intended to hold meaning. Most of the decorations, he said, were meant to be "liberal bashing."

He did, however, say her online presence was prejudiced.

"No question, you look at her Twitter account — yup, that's racist," the lawyer told reporters, adding, "there's no justification for it."