Fox "News" repeatedly spews lies and hate over teachers in disturbing montage

It's a wonder anyone still wants the thankless job of being a teacher.

Besides the low pay and "acute challenges of pandemic-era learning" (and teaching), you can add Fox Propaganda's gross abuse of teachers — accusing them of "grooming," "brainwashing," "teaching our children to sext," and being "lazy," "incompetent," "lunatics," "anti-kid, anti-parent," "the KKK with summers off" (see montage below) — to the reasons for the nationwide shortage of half a million educators.

But the GQP need not worry — if Gov. Ron DeSantis gets his way, the vacancies, at least in Florida, will soon be filled with unqualified cops and military vets to "educate" the young 'uns.

Front page thumbnail image: Fox (screengrab)