I just found the capybara cute-pics-and-videos motherlode

Y'all know I love capybaras. Well, I just found the capybara cute-pics-and-videos motherlode. It's the Nagasaki Bio Park's TikTok – which has almost more painfully cute capybara content than I can handle. 

There's a reason Nagasaki Bio Park is known as the "Paradise of Capybara." People flock to the park from all over the world to have their close-up personal encounters with capybara—to scratch them, pet them, feed them, watch them eat watermelon, and more. If you can't fly to Japan, getting to see the creatures on Nagasaki Bio Park's TikTok might be the next best thing. There's so much amazing content, it's hard to pick a favorite video, but it might just be these adorable creatures chomping on watermelon Enjoy!