In honor of International Blind Dog Day, meet Picasso-faced dog, Brodie

Just LOOK at this adorable dog, Brodie! His TikTok page describes him as, "A spunky partially blind rescue pup who looks a bit like a Picasso masterpiece." He does, in fact, look like a Picasso, with his ridiculously cute sideways nose. But, he's absolutely charming and a real heart warmer. Brodie lives in Alberta, Canada, with his human mom, Amanda Richter, who rescued him when he was 6 weeks old, from a shelter where he had been born. His dog mom attacked him when he was 13 days old, which left him partially blind in one eye and with a permanently crooked face. Recently, Amanda has adopted another dog—Raven—that looks just like Brodie, so now there are two of these adorable creatures in the family. Amanda explained how they found Raven on her Facebook page:

She's from Texas, and her previous owner abandoned her. He actually threatened to dump her on the side of a road but someone stepped in and contacted @fuzzytexananimalrescue! She was basically locked away in a cage for most of her life, and she's a bit timid towards men and new people which most likely means she was mistreated. She is VERY underweight, like I'm talking you can feel her hip bones and spine portending out of her back. We're working on that though! 

She was most likely born with her cute little twisty face according to the vet. Her and Brodie's conditions are basically identical except his is worse due to his jaw being partially fused shut and his blindness in one eye. His is caused by being bit on the head by his dog mom when he was 13 days old. 

If you want to keep up with Brodie, and now Raven, go check out their TikTok. And here's a cute video of Brodie and his owners featured on Global News Morning Calgary.