Is this the perfect mechanical keyboard?

The Altar I is a low profile and wireless mechanical keyboard with a very particular aesthetic that reminds me of old-timey Apple, Teenage Engineering and phone handsets designed for the vision-impaired.

Altar I focuses on one idea: Less, but better. A precision machined aluminium monobody. Slim, tactile, mechanical switches. Typographically balanced. Bluetooth. Quietly understated. And it looks good on a desk.

It's the work of a designer, Andrew Emerson, with singular objectives.

01. The world is fucked unless we, collectively, do something about it.

02. Sustainability is luxury.

03. Everything in black.

04. Well paid workers. Good working conditions.

05. Simply + thoughtfully designed.

06. Made for longevity.

Electronic Materials Office is located in London, UK.

Contrary to the scolds on Hacker News, I love the knob. Can't live with Reds, though!