Let's compare how accurately the new Tekken: Bloodline anime adapted the game's classic moves

In the world of fighting games, a game's difficulty is a selling point. Fans of the genre enjoy touting how demanding their game of choice can be. In this regard, Tekken is in a league of its own. Tekken isn't played on a two-dimensional plane, unlike Street Fighter and King of Fighters, and boasts some of the most complex button inputs in the genre. To make matters even worse, Tekken characters each possess a roster of a hundred moves. As a result, Tekken fans are obsessive about their character's moves. 

Last week, Netflix dropped an original animated series based on Tekken called Tekken: Bloodline. Aside from the thrill of watching the storyline of their favorite game come to life, Tekken fans found themselves enamored with the show's meticulous attention to the franchise's numerous details. One of the most important aspects of the game imported into Bloodline was the character's iconic array of moves. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel I AM OP compares how accurately Tekken: Bloodline captured the game's attacks.