Not just a fish: meet the Mullet Champions of 2022!

True story: Some two decades ago, I was at a party, and my friend said to me as they pointed toward the door, "wow, look at that mullet!" I turned, and without thinking, said, "who brought a fish to a party"? Well, as you already know, a mullet is not only a fish, but a fashion statement. I knew this too, but I was to slow to specify my reference for the word in my head. 

This was the earlier days of the internet and the go to webpage for the latest in this hair trend was, a now defunct webpage. These images are still accessible with a Google image search. 

Perhaps we all have had a mullet, or know someone who had or still has a mullet. And it seems that the mullet is back, or perhaps a cliché is in order: the mullet never went away.

I was reminded of this party memory by the announcement on that the winners of the 2022 U.S.A. Mullet Championship are: Kid's division: Emmitt Bailey, also known as "Mullet Boy". Teenager division: Cayden Kershaw. Both winners are from Wisconsin. Congratulations Cayden and Emmitt!