Remember that gritty Power Rangers reboot?

In the West, the proverbial jets may have cooled on the Power Rangers franchise. However, in the show's native Japan, Super Sentai– the series from which Power Rangers is derived- is a cultural institution. Tokusatsu, the entertainment genre that houses Super Sentai, extends far beyond a handful of shows, as it does in the West. In Japan, Tokusatsu, and all of the cheesy tropes it encompasses, are as beloved today as when they were first introduced. In contrast, the monsters in rubber suits and over-the-top- action sequences of the Tokusatsu genre are viewed as something to transcend in the West. 

Saban has spared no expense to reinvigorate the Power Rangers franchise to the heights of popularity it enjoyed in the 90s. In 2017, Saban tried to reimagine Power Rangers for the preceived sensibilities of a modern Western audience. Pop Screen's YouTube channel explains why the experiment was so disastrous in the video linked above.