Today is Barbara Eden's birthday

I Dream of Jeannie is one of my favorite television shows of all time. Even in the face of modern special effects, I can't help but revisit episodes of Jeannie. There's just something endlessly alluring and effortlessly charming about the series, which exudes a form of magic akin to its premise. Even though I genuinely enjoy the show on its own merits, I'd be lying if I didn't attribute a majority of my fandom to star Barbara Eden. 

In addition to her beauty as the beloved Jeannie, Barbara Eden was a comedic powerhouse. Her ability to evoke laughter with a facial expression was impeccable. Outside of her role as Jeannie, Eden enjoyed a prosperous career in film, television, and music. Today just so happens to be her 91nd birthday, and I decided to link a clip of Eden recounting her time on  I Dream of Jeannie to celebrate.