Watch this wild video of children being thrown high in the air as they ride a poorly designed giant slide

Watch this wild video of children being thrown high in the air as they ride a giant slide. The slide is in Belle Isle Park, in Detroit, and the slide was first open for riders on Friday, August 19. It didn't stay open long, however, because people started complaining about possible potential injuries.

WXYZ explains that the park closed over the weekend as Belle Isle tried to figure out how to adjust the speed:

Belle Isle Park posted Friday that they are temporarily closing the giant slide due to speed issues.

Chopper video on Friday showed a few wild rides on the slide. Friday was the first day it was reopened to the public.

Belle Isle says they are making adjustments to help with the speed.

"Hopefully after our small adjustment we will be back up and running and the slide will be slower for more enjoyment," read a statement. 

The Department of Natural Resources, which runs the slide, says there were no injuries and staff members were at the top and bottom of the slide giving instructions.

Apparently, Belle Isle Park has now re-opened the slide, as of Monday August 22.

Fox 2 Detroit explains:

Belle Isle Park announced today that the Giant Slide is reopened and will run for the next two weeks. A little water will be sprayed onto the slide to help control the speed, the park said in their announcement.

I sure hope "a little water" fixes this problem, so nobody gets injured. We definitely don't need another Action Park — that water park in New Jersey that was notorious in the 1980s and 1990s because so many people got injured, and some even died, because of the dangerous attractions. (If you want to know more about Action Park, go watch the documentary "Class Action Park," it's terrific!).