Accused sex trafficker Matt Gaetz alone on a street corner

Presumably, this sad event occurred in Florida, but US Congressperson and accused sex trafficker Matt Gaetz isn't known for making sense. Unfortunately, Gaetz has won his primary and is likely to win in a district his pal Trump dominated in 2020.

Crooks and Liars:

Florida Man Rep. Matt Gaetz's scandal-plagued time in Congress could be coming to an end if he can't fight off his primary challengers. He'll have to beat Mark Lombardo, a former FedEx Executive and Vietnam War veteran. Another veteran running in the GOP primary is Greg Merk.

Gaetz's resume doesn't have much of anything to offer except, well, that he's under investigation over possible sex trafficking. And he was among the 20 Republicans who voted against the renewal of an anti-trafficking bill.

So, it's not that surprising to see Florida Man standing next to a road by himself, holding a sign that reads, "Keep Gaetz Fighting," while drivers pass him by with none of them honking in support of his reelection. I'm almost embarrassed for him.