Adapter lets you use K-Cups in an Aeropress and coffee guys are absolutely furious

The Aieve Coffee Pod Adapter, a plastic doohickey available from Amazon, allows one to insert a K-Cup inside an Aeropress and thereby use it to make coffee without a Keurig-style machine. Convenient and inexpensive, it is nonetheless an act of blasphemy that coffee people are not taking lightly.

"Absolutely fucking not", wrote one man on Twitter.

"The world was a better place before I knew about this," wrote another.

"Even the shade of orange they use feels cursed," added a third.

Reviews on Amazon are warmer, but far from hot.

It "defeats the purpose of Aeropress," wrote verified purchaser Paul. S, nonetheless awarding four our of five stars to the device.

"Please don't buy this idiotic product." flatly declared another review there, awarding the minimum one star.

"Fuuuuuuck offfff," wrote another, giving it a mysteriously solid three stars.

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