Are YouTubers good or bad for the sport of boxing?

Boxing is in a strange spot. It's a Schrödinger's cat of the sports world, in that it's both impossibly popular and less relevant than ever. Through years of meddling and mismanagement, the organizations that "run" boxing caused the sport to hemorrhage interest. With a glut of belts clogging each weight division, it's become impossible for fans to know who really is the world champion without extensive research. In addition to that, unlike the UFC, which consistently matches up the best fighters in their prime, boxing stars are routinely shielded from intriguing fights to preserve their win/loss records and, by extension, their "star power."

However, boxing is finally getting some mainstream attention thanks to YouTuber super fights. Celebrities like Jake Paul and KSI sell more pay-per-views than most "real boxers" could ever imagine. As a result, boxing purists have become quite vocal in voicing their displeasure toward YouTube boxers, but there's a strong argument that this new crop of celebrity boxers is great for the sport. In the video linked above, TJlovesfights' YouTube channel—ironically enough—explains why allowing YouTubers to box isn't a bad idea after all.