Christian women must now burn their pants, says Texas preacher (video)

A Christian preacher doesn't think keeping women barefoot and pregnant in a post-Roe Vs. Wade world is enough — he's now telling women to burn their pants, because it's a sin. And if they won't do it, their husbands better step in.

"F*gs are an abomination. God hates 'em," began Brother Duncan Urbanek of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Texas, in a hate-fueled anti-LGBTQ sermon (see video below). "Well, didn't it [the bible] just say if you're a crossdresser, you're an abomination too? Now obviously it's not as bad as being a fa***t, but God is still very upset with your sin."

He then asks his followers what, as Christians, they can do to right this sin, and follows up with an order:

"If you're a woman and you own any pants, throw them away. Light them on fire. If you're a man and your wife has pants, throw them away. And if she yells at you, so be it. Throw them away."

How long before this holy command makes it into Marjorie Taylor Greene's Christian Nationalist playbook?

Via LGBTQ Nation