Criminal gang operated fake police station down the road from a real one

A gang of criminals in India's Bihar state established a fake police station just down the road from a real one, and operated the faux precinct for eight months. It's not uncommon for scammers to dress up as cops to rip off unsuspecting marks, but the real police say this is the first they've heard of them operating a bogus headquarters. The main perpetrators staffed up the station with rural folks who they paid about 500 rupees (US$6.25)/day to pose as officers. From The Guardian:

The gang in Bihar state set up shop barely 500 metres from the home of the actual local police chief and wore uniforms with rank badges and carried guns, the ā€“ real ā€“ police official DC Srivastava said on Thursday.

They would then charge money to local people coming into the fake station to file complaints and cases, while pocketing cash from others by promising to help them secure social housing or jobs in the police.

Apparently a real cop spotted two of the impersonators carrying guns "made in local workshops" and that blew their disguise.