Help a great cause when you purchase this Apple Watch charger for 43% off

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Remember the days when telling time didn't require you to remember to charge anything each night? Well, those old timepieces didn't allow you to check the weather, read texts, or keep track of your steps, which could be valuable when going back to school or picking up a new, physical hobby. So it's no wonder around 100 million people have traded their traditional models for the Apple Smart Watch. But, that being said, having to charge your smart watch all the time can get pretty annoying and time-consuming. 

If stopping by your dorm or home just to charge your Apple Watch isn't on your to-do list, this portable charger can make things a bit easier. You can purchase one for just $16.99 during our Back to Education event, ending August 24. Plus, $0.50 of your purchase will be donated to charity! 

With this Apple Watch charger, you can power up by plugging the dongle into your laptop's USB port, making it ideal for when you're studying in libraries, coffee shops, or anywhere else you might've lost a fight for the last outlet. And since it doesn't require any unsightly cables, it'll never cause any unsightly clutter.

Worried this portable charger won't work with your Apple Watch version? This thing is incredibly versatile because it's compatible with the Apple Watches Series 1 through 7. And since it's heat-resistant, durable, and energy-efficient, the charger is easy to use and, most importantly, safe. In other words, using it regularly won't pose any damage to your expensive accessory. 

Usually, portable chargers for Apple gadgets can be pretty pricey, but at 43% off, this charger proves to be a real bang for your buck. Plus, it can fully gas up your Apple Watch in just an hour and 40 minutes means you can always get an excellent, fast charge. It even has a little faux leather strap, making it easy to connect to your keychain, so you never have to go anywhere without it.

Save 43% on the USB-C Portable Apple Watch Charger, now discounted to just $16.99 until August 24. After purchasing, you'll receive an email where you can vote on a school or charity you'd like us to donate to, and we'll tally up the votes and announce the winner after the Back to Education event ends!

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