The person who SWAT'd Marjorie Taylor Greene called the cops back to explain themselves

Police report that after a suspect successfully called a Police raid on Marjorie Taylor Greene's home by reporting shots fired, the person using a computer-disguised voice then called back to discuss their crime! The perpetrator disclosed their reasons behind the initial call and then offered the Police clues on how to track them down. Why bother with the vocoder?

This sounds like a grave and very real crime.

NY Post:

A police report detailing the incident said that just after 1 a.m., five Rome Police officers were dispatched to Greene's home — but the congresswoman said nothing was going on and requested a "keep check" on her residence. 

Not long after, the police department was contacted through another 911 call from a person claiming responsibility for the incident. 

While the caller used a "computer generated voice," the suspect "explained that they were upset about Ms. Greene's stance on "trans gender youth's rights and stated that they were trying to 'SWAT' her," the police report reads. 

The suspect also claimed they were connected to the website that reportedly "supports cyberstalking." The suspect claimed their username was "AltisticRight," police said.