There's a Dune MMO game on the way

It's a shame that Dune is only now becoming a cultural phenomenon equivalent to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Although Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel has always been celebrated as a masterwork in the literary world, the IP has never truly caught fire in the mainstream. David Lynch's 80s adaptation of Dune is fun and carries an element of nostalgia for those that grew up with it, but compared to Star Wars and Star Trek films of the era, the movie comes across as second-rate. However, with Denis Villeneuve's recent adaptation, the franchise has seemingly found a point of ingress into the mainstream. 

Looking to capitalize on the IP's momentum, a new survival MMO set in the world of Dune- specifically Arrakis from the trailer- has been announced. The video was released during the opening night of Gamescom- which will stretch from today until the 28th- and is available above via the YouTube link.