3D print a 164mm f/2.5 lens

Felix Steele designed a 3D-printable 164mm, f/2.5 lens that costs $13 to make. It's the first thing out of his new website, Pixels and Prisms, with more to come. [via PetaPixel, which posted some tests]

Anyone can assemble the Pixels and Prisms lens. It has no fasteners or screws and parts are bonded using household glue. Apart from the glass element, the lens is 100% 3D-printed. The total material cost was approximately $13. For under $15, Pixels and Prisms is a viable low-weight lens option for travel, portrait, or street photographers, as well as a cost-effective entry point into telephoto photography. The aperture and zoom system can even be modified to work with any lens element, so long as an extender is added to the front of the optic.