Community might be getting that movie after all

If you're a Community fan, odds are you know the series' famous rallying cry. Screaming "six seasons and a movie" whenever you meet a fellow fan of Community is the equivalent of a secret handshake. Although it was touch and go for Community during its initial run, the series finally made it to six seasons. Sure, they lost Donald Glover(who went on to become a Hip hop megastar)and Chevy Chase(who went on to become the cantankerous, old white neighbor in any given Hip hop video), but the Community found a way to endure. And now it seems like the hotly anticipated movie might be closer than ever. 

According to Deadline, Community creator Dan Harmon sounds more confident than ever when discussing the prospect of a Community movie. In this age of media narrowcasting to niche fandoms, the odds of a Community flick seem inevitable. I mean, we got a fourth season of Veronica Mars a few years back. Anything is possible. 

"I will now say it's a matter of 'when.' I have been so careful about [saying] that," Harmon told Newsweek. "It would have been accurate three years ago to say 'it's a matter of when, not if.' The wheels have been in motion for that long." Harmon once called the constant guessing about a feature treatment of the show that ended in 2015 "a weird Ouija board thing" that was dependent on many factors.