Four high schoolers pulled a county-wide Rickroll across 500 screens in 6 different schools

Wired has a great new piece looking at one of the largest Rickrolls in history — an absolutely epic senior graduation prank in Cook County, Illinois.

AT 10:55 AM on April 30, 2021, all the TV screens and classroom projectors at six schools in Cook County, Illinois, started controlling themselves. Screens that were turned off powered up. Projectors that were already on automatically switched to the HDMI input. "Please standby for an important announcement," read a message that flashed up on the displays. A five-minute timer, counting down to zero, sat under the ominous message.

Wired speaks with the students behind the prank about how they organized their mass-scale Rickroll. It's some truly impressive work, starting with some accidental multi-year planning. Good work!

Inside the World's Biggest Hacker Rickroll [Matt Burges / Wired]