RIP: 90210's revered Joe E. Tata

At age 85, Joe E. Tata, known for his role as "Nat" on Beverly Hills 90210, passed away. Scenes at the Peach Pit were the best, and I frequent the Apple Pan to this day.

Daily Beast:

Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star Ian Ziering announced via Instagram that Joe E. Tata, who played Nat on the popular series, has died at age 85. Since 2018, Tata had been struggling with Alzheimer's. He enjoyed a long and successful career as a TV actor, appearing on General Hospital, The Outer Limits, Mister Roberts, Mannix, Adam-12, The F.B.I., and The Streets of San Francisco, among others. But Tata was perhaps best-known for his role as the owner of the peach pit on 90210. Ziering said in his post, "The stories of days gone by that he would share, incredible experiences in the entertainment industry that he was a part of would keep us all captivated. He may have been in the back of many scenes, but he was a leading force, especially to us guys, on how to appreciate the gift that 90210 was." He also wrote: "Though the peach pit was a 90210 set, it often felt like the backdrop to the Joe E Tata show."