Tesla demands removal of videos showing its cars mowing down child-sized mannequins

Tesla, reports the Washington Post, has demanded the removal of videos that show its vehicles hitting child-sized mannequins. The videos, posted by The Dawn Project, purport to show failures in Tesla's autonomous driving features. A little-known organization with a few hundred followers on Twitter, its video began racking up thousands of views after the Old Testament reaction of some Tesla fans—and now legal threats from the company itself.

Why, right here I've gone from "never even heard of this outfit" to "cutting a GIF of the video's key moment to serve as the featured image of a posting on a site read by 6 million unique visitors a month". There should be a snappy term for that phenomenon.

The first danger we are tackling is Elon Musk's reckless deployment of unsafe Full Self-Driving cars on our roads.

Right on! However…

We Demand Software that Never Fails and Can't Be Hacked

Not possible in this universe.