This Japanese band will take you away with CRT TVs and other gadgets that sound otherworldly (video)

Electronicos Fantasticos is the Tokyo-based band of about 70 members that plays converted household appliances (e.g., electric fans, telephones, bar code scanners, CRT TVs, and cameras) to make transcendent music that connects an ancient past to the next millennium. Band leader Ei Wada is patiently waiting to play at a non-existent venue where "a giant crab-legged tower with a CRT TV embedded soars," but in the meantime he plays barcodes with skateboards and shows off the band's magic at events like Tokyo Maker Faire. Here are some of the members at a summer rehearsal (video below). Can't wait to see what they do next.

Front page thumbnail image: Electronicos Fantasticos rehearsal (screengrab)