Update: Courtroom smackdown! Judge and defendant get nasty a la Rick and Morty

Rob Beschizza wrote about "Dramatis personae: Denver Fenton Allen" back in 2016, but if a picture worth a thousand words, then a 9 minute 39 second video at 30 frames per second, not only makes me regret bringing up math (approx. 17,370,000 vs 3109 court transcript words), it illustrates that a Rick and Morty interpretation of the court documents is on point like a javelin.

Photo: Internet Archive | State of Georgia Vs. Denver Fenton Allen (Public Domain)

For closure, Denver Fenton Allen pleaded guilty after Superior Court Judge Bryant Durham publicly apologized and recused himself from the case. Enter Superior Court Judge Billy Sparks, who denied Allen's self-defense motion and sentenced Allen to life without parole.