Meet The White House's new social media star

After creating a phenomenon with New Jersey's social media presence, Megan Coyne already has the White House offering one-punch knock-outs via Twitter. Yesterday's fantastic clap back at the GOP members griping about student loan relief, exposing their huge and forgiven PPP loans, has folks waiting for more.

New Jersey Globe:

"Who lets New Jersey have a Twitter?" tweeted someone with 88 followers.

The reply – "Your mom" – had nearly a half-million likes and 85,000 retweets.

More than 439,000 followers watch the wit and sarcasm of New Jersey's official Twitter account every day, which has garnered national attention.

"Megan Coyne has been an incredibly valuable member of our team, and her humor and wit will be greatly missed in our office," said Murphy.  "Her passion for our state—and fierce defense of Central Jersey—is unparalleled and as the person behind @NJGov, Megan's voice has become synonymous with New Jersey.  I wish her the best at the White House."

As New Jersey's social media tone setter, Coyne has played nearly every conceivable New Jersey card: the Sopranos, Springsteen and Bon Jovi.  She has picked fights with other states, especially in defense of New Jersey's pizza industry, and has treated the Taylor Ham vs. Pork Roll fairly, even though she knows the real name is Taylor Ham.

Besides the snark, Coyne also played a governmental role managing Murphy's official social media accounts.  That gives her the right to wear a championship ring as a member of a team that made Murphy the first Democratic governor in 44 years to win re-election.

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