Merchants in San Francisco neighborhood threaten to stop paying taxes and fees if homelessness is not addressed

The homeless population in San Francisco's Castro district is vandalizing and burglarizing businesses and harassing pedestrians and residents, said area merchants in a letter to the City of San Francisco. They are demanding that officials help the unhoused people by providing beds and counseling. If the City fails to act, the merchants said they will consider withholding taxes and fees from the city.

From the SF Chronicle:

"If the city can't provide the basic services for them to become a successful business, then what are we paying for?" Karraker told The Chronicle on Tuesday. "You can't have a vibrant, successful business corridor when you have people passed out high on drugs, littering your sidewalk. These people need to get help."

City officials replied by sending a letter that said, "We greatly appreciate hearing from community members about what they are seeing on the streets and will continue to work with the Castro community to improve conditions for all in the Castro."

Sounds like a great action plan.