Ensure your data is secure with this iStorage PIN authenticated hard drive

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Whether it's your professional or personal online data, no one enjoys their information getting leaked or hacked into. Even if you feel like your data is being protected with strong passwords or checking if the site is secure, there's a lot of loopholes expert hackers can figure out. Instead, why not invest in a reliable device that has PIN authentication with encrypted hardware and cloud storage like the diskAshur2® — made by the award — winning trusted global leader, iStorage. 

If you're taking the extra step to get additional protection for your online data, it's important to get something of value with a variety of high-tech features. The diskAshur2® SSD 256-bit encrypted solid-state drive has everything and more you need to keep you safe. Before diving into all the protection qualities, the diskAshur2 comes with 128GB capacity and has transfer speeds on par with a 3.1 USB drive, providing plenty of space and capabilities to easily store your most crucial and confidential files. 

The diskAshur2 uses 256-bit real-time military-grade encryption for unparalleled hardware security and safety. Additionally, what makes the diskAshur2 so personalized is the PIN authentication keypad that uses true number generation. You can set a unique 7-to-15 digit pin, making it pretty difficult for others to guess your passcode, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Going a step further than most digital pins, after 15 incorrect attempts, the hard drive will be wiped and reset for your utmost protection. 

The diskAshur2 comes with a built-in USB cable that can be plugged into a Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, and any other device with a USB port. Made of durable, epoxy-coated materials that are water, wear, and dust resistant you'll have a long-lasting, unstoppable hardware drive. 

With a five-star rating, not only do you get a great product, but also excellent customer service that can assist you with any questions that may arise. Take it from this very happy customer's review, "I think this is a great product. Also, I can't say enough about the tech support I received from the company. I emailed them when I had a problem and received a response in minutes."

Store your most important information on a trustworthy device like the diskAshur2 solid-state hard drive and now get it at a discounted price of $148.95.

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