Someone recreated classic album covers with Adam Sandler

Prior to the digital age, album covers used to be a big deal. The caliber of art on a record sleeve or CD case was an active participant in creating the mystique around an album. The Beatles' Revolver was a pivotal sea change for the band's sound, and the album's cover art reflected the shift. At the time, Revolver's trippy cover was a departure from previous Beatles covers and helped establish the perfect atmosphere for the project.

In modernity, album covers are rarely seen outside of whatever streaming service you're using at the time. It's easy for one to think that the age of iconic album art is coming to a close. However, if every artist, irrespective of genre, decided to include Adam Sandler's face on their album cover, I believe album art would become as celebrated as it was in yesteryear. In the post linked above, someone decided to remake a slew of classic album covers by including Adam Sandler's face in the art. Sure, the idea is random, but isn't that the entire ethos of Sandler's humor?