Vermont Sheriff's captain fired after video shows him kicking handcuffed suspect

John Grismore is now a former Captain at the Franklin County Sheriff's department in Vermont, having been fired for repeatedly kicking a handcuffed suspect who insulted him.

Capt. John Grismore's actions with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office on Aug. 7 were called "egregious" in a statement by SheriffRoger Langevin.The sheriff's office provided video Friday to NBC News of Grismore appearing to kick a trespassing suspect in the stomach and groin area. The unidentified suspect was handcuffed and shackled while he was at the sheriff's office.

An interesting wrinkle to the story: Grismore is running to replace the Sheriff who fired him. So while the Sheriff says Grismore's behavior "does not reflect the values and high standards of conduct" he expects, it seems quite the coincidence that the bad apple who gets exposed, instantly fired, and his LEO licensing threatened, just happens to be running for your job.