A look back at the Yoda Stories video game from the 90s

FanByte recently published a delightful retrospective on Yoda Stories, the 90s Star Wars video game that even I had completely forgotten about. But looking back, there's something oddly refreshing about this small, contained, casual game:

The loop of Yoda Stories is simple. Luke Skywalker lands on Dagobah and asks his titular swamp-dwelling mentor for a mission. Then, he flies off to another planet to try to rescue a friend, collect an obtain, destroy a facility, or warn the Rebels of an attack. The game's locations and objectives are randomly-generated, with each mission taking about an hour to complete. Luke can push and pull objects, fire a blaster or swing his lightsaber, and collect items to use in different situations. It isn't a complex or particularly attractive game, but something about its tiny little worlds had a hold on me back in 1997.

Throwback Thursday: Yoda Stories Was Star Wars But Chill [merritt k / fanbyte]