Check out this refurbished MacBook that could be great for school or work

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Not every computer is going to pack the newest hardware and be ready to run games at settings that make reality look lame in comparison. And not every computer has to. Sometimes, you might only need a machine to get some work done, something that'll run for a while that you aren't worried about taking with you to school or on the road. That's what you could get with this refurbished MacBook Air

This refurbished MacBook could be an excellent workhorse of a computer, and it's on sale for $290.99 (Reg. $1399). 

A MacBook for school or work

Slim and light, if you're looking for a way to carry your work around, then this MacBook could be it for you. With its Intel HD Graphics 5000 GPU and 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 processor, this computer might stutter over super-demanding apps, but it should run great for more common productivity software like Microsoft Office or the Google Suite. 

Refurbished with a grade "B," this MacBook may have some superficial scuffing, dents, or light scratches. It also comes with a snap-on black case that could cover those right up. Where the rest of the hardware is concerned, this laptop is packing a 256GB SSD, a 720p Sight camera for video conferencing, and a screen that is 13.3-inches across diagonally with a 1400×900 resolution. If you're looking for a mobile workstation, then you could set up shop with your MacBook anywhere with WiFi, and you could even play some music to your Bluetooth headphones. 

Though it has some years behind it, this refurbished MacBook still has the same iconic solid construction with an aluminum casing. It might have a little wear and tear on the outside, but if you're looking for a beater computer that's just here to rock through some work, aesthetics are probably a little less important. 

Save on a workhorse of a laptop 

Get a laptop you can hit the road with. Get this refurbished MacBook Air 13.3-inch on sale for $290.99 (Reg. $1399). 

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