Jon Hamm is your new Fletch

One of the numerous upsides to being an attractive person is that there's no shortage of sycophants that will laugh at your jokes. Even if you float out a dud while holding court at a party, the place will presumably pop over your meager attempt at humor. Attractive people are so insulated from criticism that, more often than not, they believe they're funnier than they are. However, there are certain cases when visually appealing people roll sevens in life and are blessed with a wicked sense of humor too. Jon Hamm is a perfect example of how some dudes hog all the luck from the rest of us. Well, fellas, I guess it's time for the rest of us to buy an expensive sports car.

If you've only seen Hamm's powerhouse performance as Don Draper in Mad Men, odds are you don't know how wonderfully adept he is at playing funny. In addition to a hilarious spot in Bridesmaids, Hamm absolutely crushed it during his season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In the video linked above, you can watch Hamm showcase his criminally underutilized comedy chops in the trailer for Confess, Fletch—a reboot of the classic Chevy Chase films and titular novel.