A gallery containing pictures of dogs in bow ties

Yesterday (August 28) was "National Bow Tie Day." The National Today website explains:

National Bow Tie Day, on August 28, is the one and only holiday dedicated to everyone's favorite underrated accessory. It's the perfect day to dig out your favorite bow tie and parade it around town to show everyone just how dapper and sophisticated you are! Even if you pair it with jeans, you're sure to look top-notch while wearing such a statement accessory. So, today, we celebrate these classic fashion devices and all the people that regularly choose to wear them.

The National Today website also has a nifty timeline showing a brief history of the bow tie, some facts about bow ties, and some suggestions about how to celebrate. Maybe you wore a bow tie yesterday, let's hope so! 

But to be perfectly honest, I don't really care about humans wearing bow ties. I think we should celebrate "National Dogs in Bow Ties Day" instead because let's face it, they're infinitely cuter than humans in bow ties. In this spirit, I found a gallery containing pictures of dogs in bow ties. And of course, no doggo wears a bow tie better than Tuna.