Adorable chimera plushies and shirts almost defy comprehension

Are you searching for a cotton blend orange-and-yellow cow-print hoodie? What about cow-patterned Peepy? Or maybe a purple Mega Peepy? What about a star-shaped plush Sucklet? Or a Yellow Clam Peequi? Perhaps a soft Inverted Cowpy (Ypeep)? I know you want a Moley,  or maybe Thicc Brungus, a Peepy with an elephant bottom, or Youfo, a six-legged alien who is extremely unphotographable. Either you know what I am describing, or you are saying WTF. 

Item Label is an online shopping website that is slightly sarcastic and a thoroughly creative and outlandish consumption experience, created as "a revenge-based company located in Maryland… to show up and embarrass our enemies." With unanticipated back-stories to all their products — from patches, hats, socks, stickers, and shirts of all colors, textures, and sizes, to the furry species of "animals" all are ready for a new home. These creatures all have accompanying theme songs and insightful profiles like this one for Ypeep:

"After committing a respectable and kind good deed, Ypeep is ready to have a good time and take you on vacation.

Strength: Grass Eating
Wisdom: Accounting
Psychic: Missing Time

Weakness: Probe
Birthday: June 29

Peepy is "peanut-shaped and has a large beak. The name is used to refer to both the species as a whole as well as the name of a specific Peepy, OuiOui, who is a 'juvenile Peepy,' that is overall smaller and spherical in shape." 

This T-Shirt, with the image of an orange humanoid blob-like figure drinking a beer and proclaiming "I'm Content Just Living on this Shirt," could be the equivalent of The International Noise Conspiracy's anthem, "Capitalism Stole My Virginity". 

Check out all the colors and sized of Sucklet, Peequi, Peepy, and Ypeep on Item Label's brilliantly other-worldly Youtube and TikTok.