Here's a step-by-step guide on how to "git gud" at fighting games

Why is it so hard to get into fighting games? Pretty much every genre of video game has a rough onboarding period, but the process usually lasts a few days. After a quick tutorial and some fun practice rounds, you're already considered intermediate in most games. Fighting games require about seven to eight months of your time before you can graduate from being a novice.

When people hear or read something like that, they tend to ask two questions. Why would anyone be willing to work to get better at a recreational activity, and what makes fighting games so hard? There is a litany of answers to the latter question, but the simple answer is that fighting games have so many moving parts. At any given moment, one must juggle muscle memory, geometry, knowledge checks, terminology, and reaction time when playing a fighting game.

If that sounds daunting, the video above from Polygon's YouTube channel should help simplify the process with a detailed ten-step system to make fighting games accessible for everyone.