Listen to 4 punk songs from a 1979 Madonna demo

What would Madonna's career have been like if she'd stayed with The Breakfast Club?

From Dangerous Minds:

Hardcore Madonna fans are likely aware of this period of Madonna's development as a pop star thanks to the 2019 documentary, Madonna and the Breakfast Club (it's out there streaming on multiple platforms if you're interested in checking it out). Hardcore fans will also know Madonna has been known to perform versions of these songs (and other early material) live. Here's the thing—much like the early days of the Go-Go's, Madonna is definitely flexing her affinity for punk rock while mixing it with her own brand of spirited pop which the entire world would soon embrace and others would emulate. Now, if you've never heard this version of Madonna, and dig your punk with a side of pop, you are going to love these raw jams. It's also quite compelling to hear them, knowing what was to come from Madonna in a few short years. The demo itself (which contains other recordings), went to auction in 2009 and sold for an astonishing $6400.