Save on this versatile knife during a limited-time sale

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There are plenty of times when a knife would come in really handy, like while cutting wires o while opening packages, especially considering that Amazon delivers an average of 1.6 million packages each day. But whipping out a giant knife, Aladdin style, even if you're amongst friends, isn't always the vibe — and for good reason. 

Whether it's for your EDC (or every day carry) kit or simply to make life a little easier, having a gizmo like the BLLT knife on hand can always come in handy. Made of high-grade 3Cr13 steel, this little knife boasts some serious cutting power, and you can literally wear it on your keychain and whip it out whenever you need it. 

At just $25.99, the BLLT knife is on sale for a limited time in honor of August 24th being National Knife Day. Picking one up is a simple way to ensure you're always prepared without spending a fortune on some crazy emergency gear you don't need. That's because this knife is the definition of versatility, as its blade allows you to slice open boxes, carve through wood, and even cut through cables and rubber. And while it's small in size, thanks to its aluminum alloy handle, you can easily put real force on the blade, allowing you to put it to use for just about any task. 

The BLLT knife also features a handy keychain clip, which means you can hang it on your keys so you always have it with you, whether it's at home or on a camping trip with the family, ready to go. But it's also small enough to keep in your bag, pocket, or in your car, never taking up much space at all. And don't worry, its cap ensures it's totally safe to keep around. 

Don't miss out on the BLLT Knife, now discounted to $25.99 until August 31st.

Prices subject to change.