The Superman cartoon from the 90s is extremely underrated

With all of the instability going on at HBO Max, thanks to the Warner Brothers and Discovery merger, if you were waiting to watch some of the streaming service's animated content, now might be your last chance. Last week, Warner Brothers enacted what cartoon fans have dubbed the "animation purge." Looking to cut costs during the tumultuous merger, Warner Brothers jettisoned a host of cartoons- several of which were developed exclusively for the streaming service- into the virtual abyss. 

When the dust settled, only the most beloved classic series remained. In truth, a series like Batman: The Animated Series was never truly in danger of being ejected from HBO Max. The show's sister series, Superman: The Animated Series, though? As the Magic Eightball might say, "outlook not good."

It could seem hyperbolic to insinuate that HBO Max would cut Superman: The Animated Series from its roster, but when you think about the fate of Batgirl, nothing seems too farfetched. Superman's '90s cartoon has a sizeable chunk of loyal fans, but even some DC fanatics overlook the series. Before HBO Max decides to give the Man of Steel the ole heave-ho, you can watch the video linked above to see the brains behind Superman: The Animated Series discuss why the show was so special.