In amusing video, pilot threatens passengers to stop AirDropping nude photos, or else

A Southwest pilot about to take off to Cabo might not have known what AirDrop was, but by gum, he certainly knew what a nude photo looked like. Footage posted on TikTok caught the moment a pilot amusingly threatened to turn the plane back toward the gate if his passengers didn't stop their shenanigans. (See video below.)

"Here's the deal … I'm going to have to pull back to the gate, everybody is going to have to get off, we're going to have to get security involved, and this vacation is going to be ruined," he said calmly, the way a parent describes consequences to a misbehaving child.

"So folks, whatever that AirDrop thing is, quit sending naked pictures, and let's get yourselves to Cabo." Nothing a little boomer-dad pep talk couldn't handle.


@robloxsouthwestair takes airdropping nudes very seriously. #AEJeansSoundOn #WorldPrincessWeek

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