Recommended: Tumbleweed Wine

Rolling through the vineyards of Arizona with art, skateboarders and Cousin Id?

Chateau Tumbleweed, or "The Weed", as proclaimed on T-shirts in their online store, was founded in 2011 in Clarksdale, Arizona by four friends – two couples – with three barrels of wine. Clarksdale is a short 30-minute drive, southwest from Sedona and two hours north from Phoenix, off State Road 89A.

With a commercial winery and tasting location – facing Verde Canyon to the north – the libations are served in a small intimate building that includes the distillery for a quick tour, and has outdoor seating with misters for those hot summers.

The wine is superb. Admittedly, I am a novice and I rely on the knowledge of friends and friend's friends about what to drink. The mixes are quite phenomenal – but I won't embarrass myself, or Boing Boing, by talking about wine. Instead, I want to introduce the world (that doesn't already know)to the art on the bottles, the fabulous designs that orient the visual palette. Every label has a Tumbleweed as the main motif – as would be expected.

This Tumbleweed can shapeshift from a hairdo for a cowboy, a skateboarder, a flamenco dancer or a robot, to an entanglement with the front of a car, or a rambling chase-toy for a dog. And, of course, Cousin Id. You don't have to buy their wine (though you should – I get no residuals) to enjoy the art: they sell t-shirts and labels in bulk. Or visit in person – Sedona, Flagstaff and the South rim of the Grand Canyon are all relatively nearby. Drive Safely.

2013 Cousin Id [Chateau Tumbleweed]