Texans suddenly scared of guns when they're used to protect Drag Queens Story Time

Fox News warned of "armed Antifa members showing up at 'kid-friendly' drag show — 'They want to intimidate.'" The Daily Mail called it "terrifying." The Washington Times chillingly reported that "Video of the event shows drag show performers dancing among the crowd." Another Fox News reporter named Jon Brown — no, really — warned that the video footage of the drag queen story time event contained "GRAPHIC CONTENT." The leader of the anti-LGBTQ+ organization Protect Texas Kids, which had staged its own protest against the kid-friendly drag queen story time, also regaled a harrowing tale that there were "people kind of throughout the area, just monitoring what was going on. And they were walking people from the bar to their cars."

In other words: a bunch of US citizens in the state of Texas exercised their Second Amendment rights to open-carry "assault-style" rifles and mind their own fucking business, at a time and place that also allowed other people to exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech. Gasp! I thought that was supposed to be a good thing?

Curiously, the exercising of those rights only seemed to be an issue because the people exercising those rights were self-proclaimed anti-fascists and drag queens.

At some point later in all of these articles, they do acknowledge that police were also present, and that there were no reported incidents or violence. None of them mention the presence of the right-wing militia members carrying barbed-wire baseball bats.